A new waterworks in Snekkersten ensures a more sustainable future

The use of new technology, including oxidation and filtration in closed pressure filters, minimises the risk of pollution and the discharge of contaminants.
A new waterworks in Snekkersten, introduces new technology, which meets the safety requirements of the future, and thus lessens the risk of contamination and pollution. It is a well-proven technology that will measure up to future stricter demands for safety, hygiene and food quality.


The clean water tanks are closed and made of stainless steel, and at the same time placed openly above ground. Apart from reducing the risk of contaminants and pollution it makes it easier to maintain the tanks. All processes are carried out in closed units – including both oxidation and filtration tanks. Thus, the general hygiene surrounding the production of clean and healthy drinking water is increased.


A UV treatment plant has been installed to ensure water quality. Moreover, the new waterworks is integrated into the terrain and uses the natural differences in terrain levels to direct the water through the different treatment processes. Part of the exterior of the building is covered in rusty-red maintenance-free metal panels, and large window sections open the waterworks to the local community and provide a glimpse of the production facilities.

▪ Increased drinking water quality
▪ Reduced risk of contamination and pollution in water supply


Expected service life of 75 years